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Do Black Sesame Seeds Help Cure Wounds?

Can black sesame paste help cure wounds, as claimed by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli?

Prime Minister Oli is well-known in Nepal for his penchant for recommending herbal remedies against various ailments, including Covid-19. He prescribed guava leaves as herbal remedy in April when the Second Wave of coronavirus was beginning to peak.

On Thursday, 8 July, he again spoke at length about the wonders of of eastern natural remedies. While addressing a programme organised by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Oli spoke about the healing powers of black sesame seeds and claimed that its paste can easily cure wounds like ‘panisara’ that appear on human skin.

“ … Just last night, I told one of my friends what cures ‘panisara’ (chickenpox). Even I had suffered from it after which I suffered skin inflammation and even high fever… Black sesame seeds which are easily available can help if one chews them, make a paste and apply on the skin. I’ve done that myself and my experiment proved that it helps…”

Soon after, as local media outlets tweeted about it, PM Oli’s remarks started attracting criticism.

‌ओलीको भनाइबारे सेतोपटीको ट्विट
कान्तिपुरमा समाचार।

Fact Check / Verification

Although PM Oli prescribed black sesame paste as a cure for chicken pox, scientists present at the NAST function where PM Oli spoke didn’t endorse that home remedy. One of them, was Nepali scientist Uttam Babu Shrestha, who later remarked in a tweet saying: “PM Oli often repeats such suggestions, which are (scientifically) unverified”.

Scientist Shrestha, who attended the NAST function and listened to the PM’s speech, remarked in a tweet saying that “PM Oli often repeats such suggestions, which are (scientifically) unverified”

We also did our research, and even though a lot of benefits of sesame oil are listed, there is no constructive evidence to say this will work for everyone. Newschecker’s investigation found no scientific evidence to prove whether the paste of black sesame seeds can cure wounds or not.

Studies show sesame seeds are a good sources of minerals like calcium and magnesium and compounds like lignans and phytosterols that may help lower cholesterol.

However, products from black sesame seeds don’t always ensure health benefits to all the people. Although products made from black sesame oil are widely used for skin therapy and treatments, they can also cause allergies on human beings, according to a US medical publication.


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s claim that black sesame paste helps cure wounds lacks scientific evidences, and hence it’s misleading.

Result: False

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